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About E-Freight Technology

E-Freight Technology, Inc. (EFT) provides complete software solutions for international shipping to meet the needs of an ever-changing global economy, from Freight Forwarders to Suppliers and Importers.

E-Freight was founded in Los Angeles in 1999, started with a complete Freight Management System in Client Server Technology.

In the year 2000, EFT was the first software vendor certified by US Customs in B2G Filing of Automatic Export System (AES).

We was also the first software vendor helping clients filing directly from FMS without double entry the Bill of Lading data into Customs Weblink.

EFT later expanded the FMS system to multiple countries. We devlop the system handling multiple currencies, apply different business rules for each government, generate Tax Calculation in invoicing, and adjust to different business culture and environment.

10 years ago, E-Freight has moved from Electronic, Intelligent, into Digital World. We have unique method to auto retrieve shipment journey statuses and make visibility for trade partners and internal job and task management. We had known Digital Forwarding is the future, maximize EDI, maximize Automation were built in all our services.

We make Quality a part of our company culture, with in-depth knowledge of the Freight Business, we always improve our products and services and make it better is a continuous work for us.

E-Freight has 2 Freight Management Systems

Complete Freight Management System
Implemented from 1999
Window based, client server
The speed with which these impacts have been felt is significant and results in a need to utilize a digital FMS, to re-imagine the transportation system and move it towards a more resilient, equitable and seamless experience. We were able to successfully navigate and adjust to the challenges of developing systems for diverse business environments.
Automation can be applied in different areas, from operation to accounts clearing. E-Freight also developed a tool to fetch Shipment Statuses automatically from Carrier Sites and cross reference with Carrier Container Status (315) to add another layer of quality to shipment tracking.
The basic requirement for Digital Forwarding is Data Quality. We can see a lot of duplicate and inaccurate transmissions when we help forwarders with Customs Security Filing. We have a unique Data Editing tool to minimize data entry error.

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