About DeliveryMatch

DeliveryMatch has a number of innovative and fantastic collaborating people with a lot of knowledge in the field of IT and / or Logistics. Together we strive for optimal Logistical processess.
Our goal is to help our customers so they can meet the increasing in Logistical demands of consumers, without making it a complicated and / or expensive issue. After all, an optimal Logistics organization creates the opportunity to save Logistics and warehousing costs and at the same time generate more sales with extensive Logistic services and reliability.

And how do we do this?

By already taking control on Logistics during the purchase process in the checkout of the webshop. For this purpose all Logistic information is being collected as from the first click of the Consumer in the online purchase process. Besides, the Logistic is coordinated by us.

What does our TMS software do?

  • It checks when products can be shipped based on stock level and warehouse capacity.
  • It selects the carriers and services that can both pick up and deliver the order based on the product characteristics, location(s) of the warehouse(s) and destination.
  • It manages if an order can be shipped all at once or if partial shipments are needed.
  • It calculates the shipping rates in real-time, both ‘buy’ (what you pay the carrier) as ‘sell’ (what you want your customer to pay).
  • It calculates what delivery times and locations are possible for each order.
  • It offers options for your customers to choose their delivery time and location for receiving their order.
  • It takes control of your logistic processes and becomes reliable through the use of real-time data.
  • It influences the customer by means of price differentiation to choices that are optimal for the warehousing and distribution, thus decreasing the costs of warehousing and delivery significantly. It also decreases CO2 emissions.
  • It decreases the number of orders that cannot be delivered to the consumer at the first attempt (consumer not at home). This significantly decreases delivery costs.
  • It takes care of a fully automated shipping process.
  • It provides the shipping labels, the track & trace information, proof of delivery, several transportation documents and the pre-alert to carriers.
  • However, our online transportation management system (TMS) software can do so much more!

Our transport management software helps to increase sales and reduces your shipping costs

  • Reliable shipping options directly in the webshop checkout
  • Simplification and cost reduction for order processing and transport
  • More generated sales
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