About DDS Logistics

DDS Logistics, software publisher to organize transport and international sourcing.

DDS Logistics is the French leader of the TMS (Transport Management System), and is now the only supplier offering a modular offer that manages the processes of sourcing, international trade, import / export supplies, traceability of physical and financial flows, multimodal transit operations , Upstream and downstream transport.
More than a hundred customers, such as Carrefour, Alina, Essilor, Total, Gefco, MSL, etc., have trusted DDS Logistics’ solutions to optimize and manage their international sourcing, Their freight forwarding activities with DDS Sourcing, DDS Shipper, DDS Freight and Join2ship solutions.

French leader in Transport Management System (TMS) solutions, DDS Logistics offers its customers a complete digitalization of transport flows. DDS Logistics solutions also provide visibility and cost control throughout the upstream / downstream transport chains, import / export supply chain and supplier logistics.

More than a hundred customers, like Carrefour, Alinéa, Engie, Total, Centrimex, Heppner, etc., trust the solutions offered by DDS Logistics to optimize and manage their international sourcing, their transport or their activity. freight forwarder.

All of our services are based on a proven methodology and rely on a team of transport professionals. DDS Logistics currently achieves a turnover of € 7 million, of which 15% is invested in research and development. With very strong growth, our objective is to quickly become one of the European leaders in TMS solutions, recognized for its innovative and pragmatic solutions.

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