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On 1 September. A new import airfreight manager started at CyberFreight at Schiphol. His name is John-Paul Hergarden and he has extensive experience. We are convinced that John-Paul fits well within our team because he is motivated, flexible and highly customizable. Thanks to his coming we will be able to continue in the current growth, while maintaining our high customer orientation. Cyber Pharma Logistics is growing steadily and there are also employees at. We now provide more than 1,000 pallet storage locations.


CyberFreight is an expert in project freight. With project freight, a lot of air or sea freight is transported at the same time for one event. Sometimes charters are even necessary. It can be unexpected events such as disasters, but also major events such as car rallies. In 2011, we sent large charters of resources to the New Zealand shipping disaster. Pumps, zodiac boats and generators were needed there to allow as little oil as possible to flow into the sea.


At CyberFreight, one man is responsible for the entire coordination of project freight:Frank de Bont† Frank has worked for an airline in the past. He knows exactly which aircraft is suitable for which charter flight. Furthermore, he knows all agents of our LINK partners personally. In this way, he always has the right people and vehicles ready to go quickly.We have people who have worked for airlines and shipping companies. They know exactly which situation requires which vehicle(s). We also have our own customs warehouses containing everything needed to prepare loads quickly; packaging equipment, digital scales, foils and various forklifts.


Within CyberFreight we have a large number of certified declarants on both theseaas theair freightdepartment. The experience and expertise that these employees have helps our customers to correctly apply customs regulations. Obviously nobody wants to do anything other than prescribe the rules and certainly not take any risk on claims and fines. Skilled and reliable.

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