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About CT Logistics

stablished in 1923, CT Logistics is one of the largest global third-party service providers of freight related post audit, pre-audit, Business Intelligence, and transportation management consulting. CT provides more than 94 years of experience with comprehensive, broad supply chain accounting and business intelligence solutions tailored to meet your companys unique needs. We give you the confidence to trust CT, a premier provider in freight bill audit and payment, along with transportation management services. It is our desire to assist you in managing your transportation spend and data so you can focus on what matters most, which is efficiently and effectively running your supply chain management programs.


With AuditPay®, our team of account professionals works closely with you, using your freight invoices and bills of lading, while incorporating your company’s specific requirements to ensure proper audit processing and freight payment. The service delivers management information, through WebTools, for effective cost containment and planning, as well as real-time client service. And when paired with the resources of FreitRater®, AuditPay® can provide your company with an average ROI of more than 10 times your service fees.


CT Logistics audits every shipment electronically to recover money from your total parcel audit spend. Reduced Shipping Administrative Expenses We will identify more billing errors than a manual parcel audit, so CTrak® eliminates your administrative costs while increasing accuracy through our exclusive electronic process. Accounting and Customized Audit Services We deliver client specific carrier audit services, including complex general ledger account code allocation on every shipment.



Our Delivery Model enables strategic innovation in the form of increased cost savings and speed to ROI since many of the traditional IT services and back-office activities are outsourced and executed at CT Logistics. We are backed by robust, optimized, and repeatable project management processes and methodologies that enable seamless communication and execution with our clients.

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