CSM is a software and IT services provider with more than 28 years of experience in the market of small and medium-sized companies, in particular the real estate agents, logistics sector, medical laboratories and accounting offices. Their real estate and accounting solutions are among the best in Belgium. CSM has built a relationship of more than 30 years with IBM.

Fruit of almost 30 years of experience with software for real estate agents, working on the IBM System i (as400/i-series) platform, our software provides all the essential functionality while remaining extremely easy to master. The commands are simple and logical, the operations are smooth and every error can easily be corrected. The full software is equipped with a web interface and has a lot of added functionality.
Accounting from A to Z, from the entry of supplier invoices to the printing of the balance sheet, from the preparation of reminder letters to budget management: you can surf through the program and the database with incredible ease. Intuitive, logical, simple, with easy tracking functions, in short: the tool for managing your accounting.
We carry out all kinds of custom programming on the IBM i platform. The programming ranges from Exit and trigger programming to CGI programs. We are professed in the following programming languages and techniques: JAVA, RPG II to IV, ILE, CL, SQL, Visualage RPG, Visual basic, MS basic for applications (word and excell macros).
The Customs and Excise Service in Belgium will undergo thorough reforms in the near future, partly as a result of European legislation. The PLDA project is a first step towards full automation of all customs operations. In this context, we would like to present you our software application regarding customs formalities.


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