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The absolute focus on the markets we serve. The commitment to delivering world-class software and innovative technologies. The infrastructure and experience to support emerging businesses, regional corporations, and global enterprises. The dedication to delivering first-rate customer service and satisfaction. The strength, vision, and viability to be your long-term business partner. And, the commitment to place our customers at the center of everything we do. CSA Software products are designed for the unique needs of freight forwarders and their clients, vendors and overseas business partners. CSA Software provides the end-to-end, industry-leading solutions, and the expertise you need to increase operational efficiency and drive competitive advantage.

Full-Suite of Software Advantages

CSA Software strives to ensure that each software implementation of our freight forwarding solutions becomes a close relationship of mutual benefit, and not just an interface between a software vendor and a customer. We are not a programming mill with rampant turnover, and all of our programmers are seasoned professionals that reside here in the in the United States. We offer full-service freight forwarding solutions for Domestic, international, Warehouse, and Accounting operations. Our cloud based software is the best choice for freight forwarders, air cargo, ocean freight, air freight operations, and more! CSA Software will help you set up the systems your freight forwarding, and logistics business needs now, and provides you with the tools and resources you will need for your business’s future. And when you need support…it’s always good to hear familiar voices.

Freight Forwarding Software Products


World-Trak TMS Cloud-Based Software System is a Freight Forwarding Software, Freight Management Software designed for Domestic and International Freight Forwarders, Freight Management Companies, and Logistics organizations who seek a completely integrated operational and accounting software system to enhance the efficiency of their global freight business. World-Trak software is designed to handle domestic and international shipments including: Air Freight, Cartage, Ocean Freight, Import and Export, Expedited Ground, Truckload brokerage, LTL, Linehaul, and Rail.World-Trak software is developed utilizing Microsoft .Net technology and is 100 percent Cloud-based. All World-Trak software functions are executed through a web browser and can be implemented in the Cloud or on premise either internally or hosted.


World-Trak allows you to smoothly transfer financial data between your operational system and your accounting system. Simple “single click” processes have been developed to ensure nothing is left to chance. The controls you demand exist in World-Trak to help you balance the books, more accurately and faster than ever. The basic accounting functions utilized by a freight forwarder are included in the World-Trak operations module – no matter which back-office accounting software is used. These functions include: Customer Invoicing and Credit Control, Transportation Costing and Approval, Sales and Agency commissions, Shipment and Operational, Profitability analysis.

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