Web-based Freight, Shipping & Import-Export Management System

Are you spending too much of your time in shipment planning, pending activities and getting reports instead of focusing on core business issues?
Does your system prevent errors in billing?
Are you able to streamline internal and external communication?
Does your present system allow retrieval of an external document pertaining to a job, at a later stage?

NEED FOR AN INTELLIGENT FREIGHT SYSTEM Freight & Shipping Logistics comprises of highly fragmented Logistics processes. Multiple levels of stakeholder intervention are inevitable. Operations are often constrained by abundance of paperwork and redundant operating procedures. Inability to exchange information seamlessly between forwarders, shippers, Customs Brokers, carriers, airport/port terminals, overseas agents and consignees aggravates the situation. This builds up operational inefficiencies and acts as a roadblock to proactive and informed decision making

KEY FEATURES CORVI Freight Forwarding supports multimodal transportation by integrating all the elements of Freight Forwarding business

Sales & CRM

Captures freight rates received from multiple carriers & overseas agents
Captures and monitors sales leads and activities
Helps to assign sales targets & conduct performance analysis

Enables enquiry and quotation management
Helps to manage customer complaints & feedback

Operations Management

? Supports multimodal transport operations (Air, Ocean, Rail & Road)
? Supports international trade documentation like BL, AWB, CMR, SMGS
? Facilitates shipment consolidation ? e-Docket feature helps to upload external/internal documents & e-mail
? Enables General and Transit Warehouse management
? Support for Personal Effects and office relocation management ? Enables online approval of documents

Contracts, Invoicing & Costs Management

? Activity based billing & costs ? Comprehensive expense management ? Integration with leading financial accounting ERPs like SAP, Oracle etc

EDI & Customer Portal

? Connected with 110+ airlines through UPLIFT Cargo Community System (CCS)
? Ability to connect with leading shipping lines

Decision Support

? Built-in Business Intelligence module using Microsoft Power BI
? Exhaustive MIS and operational reports