Code Revolt Software

About This Software

Code Revolt SoftCode Revolt Softwareware Inc. is an IT company focusing on business applications and interactive programs for customers from pharmaceutical and transportation industries. Our story is one of commitment, hard work, and a strong desire to provide the best user experience possible. Code Revolt was established in 2002 in Toronto, Ontario.


Code Revolt Software Inc. is the premier providers of IT services to small to medium size companies. We specialize in system integration, especially for the transportation and finance & insurance industries, be it integration with existing applications or interfacing with external systems through Web services, .NET remoting technology, EDI, XML/SOAP or proprietary TCP/IP protocols. Our experience in performance critical environments, and our in house software development expertise allows us to provide very robust, yet cost effective solutions. We base our solutions on the .NET technology for Windows platforms. We also provide open source based solutions in the Linux environment. In addition to our IT consulting services, we are also teaming up with content providers in implementing custom interactive applications for their clients. We build on top of our existing frameworks built for online surveys, email campaigns and a variety of interactive applications with protected content. Contact us, we might already have the right solution for your company! Our own development practices are based on extreme programing and design by contract methodology.


Full range of Information Technology consulting services for the Transportation & Trade Logistics providers Online tracing applications User authentication with group based security Customizable SQL based reporting tool, allowing end users to effortlessly build online queries Interactive web sites Interfacing with external systems through Web services, EDI, XML/SOAP or .NET remoting Document versioning systems Integration with Accounting software (Exact Globe, ACCPAC) Database development, data mining and legacy data migration
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