Transport Management Portal for Logistics Companies
CocoonFMS is a Logistics software development company based in the UK with a global reach. Our mission is to be the software supplier of choice to the supply chain and logistics industry, with a vision to create standardisation in the Logistics and the Supply Chain space.

About Us

CocoonFMS® is a technology based company based in the UK, specialising in providing innovative software solutions for the logistics and supply chain industries. CocoonFMS® is in a unique position as we have over 60 years experience in the Logistics sector. Our combined skills mean our products are built with real industry knowledge. CocoonFMS® can provide off the shelve systems or customise a solutions to meet your requirements. If that EDI integration between your Transport Management Systems and our Logistics Portal or creating systems for you to manage data for your clients. Our aim is to create an easy to use Standardisation for data within the logistics industry.
Our all-in-one digital ecosystem for the logistics and freight forwarding industry. This fully automated system provides the features modern logistics businesses need to improve accuracy, increase transparency, and boost productivity. An integrated, cost-effective solution, the ecosystem equips small and mid-size companies with the advanced technology needed to level the playing field with larger forwarders. The ecosystem combines the following best-of-breed solutions in an integrated suite.

Logistics Portal

CocoonFMS® is a state of the art on shop stop which we have integrated with multiple partners. Our CocoonTMP product is an easy to use logistics portal which allows you, the logistics company, to provide your clients with full visibility of their shipments. The system has been built so that you can integrate your existing Transport Management System to our portal with ease. CocoonTMP® will give you the tools to compete with the largest freight forwarder without the hassle of developing your own system.