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About Cirrus

Cirrus Logistics is a UK based company that specialises in providing decision support solutions to local and global corporations in both the supply chain and maritime industries. We supply software and services that utilise advanced optimisation and simulation techniques to enable companies to develop the best possible business strategies that deliver optimum financial benefits.


At Cirrus we believe that your business issues aren’t solved by products alone but via a solutions based approach, taking all elements into consideration and building a package that is right for your business challenges, here we address the areas that our customers often look to solve.

Our Products


CLASS is the leading ‘off the shelf’ software written exclusively for warehouse design and simulation. Used by top logistics companies, CLASS is the ‘tool of choice’ for identifying performance efficiencies in the warehouse and as a test platform for introducing operational innovation. It is used for new builds, to test designs before the building process begins, and for operational improvement in an existing site.CLASS allows users to design, test and re-design complex warehousing solutions in a virtual computer environment by changing many different parameters and measuring their impact.


COST2SERV enables organisations with complex national and international distribution networks to reduce their total cost-to-serve, maximise margin and increase service levels. It is used to formulate network infrastructure and supply strategies by a variety of industries including oil and gas companies, high street retailers, building supplies and FMCG. All companies dealing with numerous product sourcing and distribution options, needing to identify the most cost-effective method of fulfilling demand.In determining infrastructure strategy, COST2SERV Network Strategy enables companies to review the number, location and capacities of their depots, in order to compare these with current and forecast demand in terms of volumes and geography. In addition, the system can identify the network constraints that have the most potential to reduce the total operating cost, so providing a powerful means of prioritising development objectives and supporting capital investment cases. Companies use COST2SERV Network Strategy to identify the least cost source and supply route for each demand point, to determine primary modes of distribution, allocate demand points to depots, calculate resource requirements and to quantify the cost-to-serve makeup for each customer.

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