About cieTrade

cieTrade is a global provider of commodity trading and recycling software. We offer business management and inventory solutions specifically for international trading houses, pulp and paper brokers, and commercial recycling plants. Our complete end-to-end solution helps unlock business potential and drives growth by maximizing productivity, improving inventory and cost controls, and providing greater insight for confident decision making.

Our clients’ success starts with a support team rooted in the recycling and forest products industries, providing in-depth knowledge of operations and finance, and best practices to help our clients maximize their investment.

The inspiration for cieTrade was born out of frustration with trying to manage a rapidly growing trading & recycling business that started out (like many) trying to save money by tracking everything on paper tickets and spreadsheets, only to find out how expensive they really are when costly errors occur and you can’t satisfy stake holders and banks.

Our software uses an operations centric model that manages logistics activity, around “buy/sell” trading forms and scale tickets that are familiar to your end-users and easy to work with. Our forms work like virtual file folders, capturing shipping references, transaction values, even photos and scanned documents, anything related to a shipment, so that everything is well organized and easily accessible. We included support for industry specific workflows to avoid oversights and improve accountability, automated documentation to eliminate double-entry and costly mistakes, and advanced inventory controls for material traceability and landed cost valuations. cieTrade also saves hours of tedious work by automatically matching accruals with revenue to define gross profit on brokered loads, calculates commissions based on receipt of cash, and provides real-time accounting integration to insure accuracy and satisfy the demands of stakeholders and auditors.

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