About CargoSphere powers

Established in 1999, CargoSphere powers the industrys first cloud-based, confidential global rate solution and Rate Mesh Network. CargoSphere is enabling a paradigm shift from outsourced contract management to self-management through innovative technology like SUDS. SUDS intelligently reads static carrier-rate files directly into the CargoSphere cloud database. With over a dozen years of continuous development, over a million lines of code, and over 100 million rate connections among worldwide shipping partners, CargoSphere is transforming rate management for good.
CargoSpheres world-class contract and rate management functionality enables rate quoting, rate distribution and agent rate collaboration through the CargoSphere Rate Mesh. The Rate Mesh seamlessly and confidentially connects trading partners allowing them to integrate and simplify rate communication.

CargoSphere was founded in 1999 and focused primarily on transportation intermediaries (NVOs and freight forwarders). In the years since its founding, CargoSphere has used input from thousands of users at hundreds of companies to develop world-class contract management and rate management functionality with an emphasis on elegant architecture and user friendliness.

In the early 2000’s, CargoSphere launched the CargoSphere Rate Network & now called the Rate Mesh & to support large-scale rate aggregation and rate connections among its clients. The Rate Mesh rapidly became a vehicle for NVOs, forwarders, and associations to share rates using their CargoSphere Systems.

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