Customer Centric

Create the seamless experience your customers expect. Establish a leaner supply chain, accommodate a variety of delivery models and providers, in-house or outsourced.

Paperless Process

Enabling day-to-day processes within a supply chain and logistics company, shifting away from paper to electronic systems, from EDI to Mobile Execution.

Proof of Fulfillment

Logistics work with innovative technology, Real-time Visibility of entire supply chain.

Realtime Logistics

Real Time Logistics = Real Time Results, empower managers and organisations with accurate information when and where it is needed.


Defining Omni-Channel Logistics: Omni-channel logistics enables you to deliver a consistent service experience to customer, regardless of the sales channel – whether mobile, web or retail, they will always receive a seamless service. The key is to operate as a whole, rather than in sales channel silos, you need a consolidated and collaborative supply chain strategy.

CargoERP Platform and Technology, provide potential Omni-Channel Logistics solution for logistics players, brand owners, distributors, combined with eCommerce providers enables you to exceed customer expectations at every level.

Built around a network of multi-dimensional logistics players, our fulfillment platform offering allows distributors to outsource their entire fulfillment and international logistics.