About This Software

The principals in Centillion Information Systems are IT professionals with over thirty years of experience in information systems, business and finance, with large and small companies.

Since 1995 Centillion has been dedicated to one system, the Cargo3000 Freight Forwarding Management system.

Centillion’s objective is to continuously enhance and develop Cargo3000 to ensure it is the most productive, easiest to use and cost effective freight forwarding system available, in addition to providing excellent support services.

Since the initial system was installed, Centillion has actively expanded and enhanced the system.

We continuously strive to meet our clients evolving requirements in a rapidly changing technological environment.


    • Productivity – Cargo3000 was specifically designed from the top down to be the most productive system available.
    • Export shipments essentially require only four (4) screens to complete a shipment while import shipments require five (5).
    • An agent using Cargo can easily double or triple their productivity.
    • The integration of Cargo3000 with fax, email, accounting, brokerage, CAED and EDI systems can provide substantial additional productivity benefits.
    • High cost benefits ratio – The benefits result in a rapid return on investment. Pay back periods are often measured in months.
    • Our users voluntarily tell us Cargo3000 is the most user friendly and productive system available.

For more visit: www.cargo3000.com

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