CargoLink is a transportation, shipping and route management tool designed by transportation professionals.

Our system allows to automate and integrate your freight management processes. The program has been designed to be as flexible as possible. Thanks to that, it’s capable of fully reproducing processes within the TSL industry.

CargoLink help you manage your shipments and transports including tasks like route planning, CMR / BOL documents, cargo geolocation, invoices, emails and automatic customer notification.

About Us

IT solutions with TSL experience

Our experience goes back 14 years from when we started creating the first IT products for the TSL industry. This experience in the industry allowed us to understand how the transport processes are working.

From the very beginning, we have focused on creating the environment that would attract the experienced people with transport knowledge. And we succeeded.

During the years we completed multiple custom software development projects. By this way we evolved long-term partnerships.

Recognizing the market needs, we decided to create an intelligent transport system that can develop together with the user.

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