About CANdata

We are facing difficult economic times and Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders need to be rapidly adjusting to the changing needs of their business. As businesses face this new reality, industry leaders must act quickly in order to lay a foundation not only for today, but for the future. And now more than ever, you need a customs and logistics software provider that will help you navigate the complexities of the new reality we find ourselves in. CANdata recognizes that we need to stay focused on helping our customers be successful by continuing to be agile during these times of immense change.
Freight Flow and Customs Flow are powerful API technologies that are grounded in simplicity. We believe that a powerful system based on innovation is required to respond and adapt to a changing and uncertain environment. Your customs and logistics software should be a competitive advantage, not a piece of standalone technology.
With the world changing at breakneck pace, you need a customs and logistics software provider who can not only keep up, but lead through innovation. Through innovative thinking, we deliver the most powerful API technology, partnered with the industry’s most user-friendly interface that is scalable for every organization, all without compromising the personalized customer service we are known for in the industry.

Reduce Risk and Increase Customer Service with Freight Flow

Freight forwarders are constantly under the gun. Your customers face complicated delivery challenges that require detailed collaboration along every step of the supply chain. Every shipment must run like a well-oiled machine otherwise milestones are missed and not only is profitability lost, but trust is damaged. The two key tenants that matter most to Freight Forwarders? Reduce risk and improve margins. If you can’t reduce your risk, you can’t improve your margins. It’s our core belief that your logistics platform provides the foundation needed to do both.

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