bridge lcs

About Bridge LCS

Bridge LCS is the most trusted logistics management software in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and other Middle East countries. Bridge Logistics Catalyst System is a logistics and freight management software that helps logistics companies, freight forwarders, customs clearance, and transporters manage their cargo logistics process.
We deliver tons of demanding features of each and every activity in the logistics and supply chain industry. With the innovative cloud concept, the solution is designed to use at any location and by any logistics companies and shippers around the world.

Here's How Bridge LCS Can Benefit Your Logistics Business

Logistics and Shipping is a much more fragmented process like Calls, Manual Tasks, Emails, etc. Bridge LCS software to help manage the process of Initiating and completing the shipment, and print the Waybill for delivery. Create BL instruction and House BL for Exporting. Track and Trace. Manage accounts and profit calculations. Control the sales team and maintain quotations. The logistics software is developed to meet the demand of even a single partnership or huge firms with multiple branches and staff.
In addition to providing the facilities to manage and handle the shipments and related operational tasks, the system is well equipped with improved data analysis and reporting to give the management and the user the best adaptive conditions and status of the existing shipments, Financial status, Sales market, HR solutions and many more.

Take care of the Leads at ease

Update the sales visits and prospects contact lists. Generate Leads and Create Enquiry. Create followups and set Reminders to contact. Issue Quotation, Revise, Confirm and Convert to Job.

Control the Job execution

Open New Shipment or Continue with Converted Quotation. Update the Documentation to the file. Update the shipment status. Take notes, set reminders, follow ups and notify clients Print Waybills and Delivery Notes.

Shipment wise costing and Billing methodology

Book the related cost to the pertaining shipment. List the cost, and calculate the profit of the shipment. Auto-generate the invoice and record the profit per file. Manage the Invoice Delivery.
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