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LaaS makes life easier.

So you’re interested in our transportation management system, thats great! Do you have a team of experts ready to run this fantastic solution No Then you need managed services. BluJay have gathered a dynamic team of todays top supply chain professionals. They know how to play the game to win. And better yet, they share their knowledge with each other. It’s like managing a team full of most valuable players.

Check out the teams scorecard:

  • Experts in leveraging the full functionality of BluJays Transportation Management
  • Committed to year over year cost savings
  • Can turn big data into actionable intelligence
  • Skilled in best-in-class supply chain strategies
  • Average length of customer partnership is six years

Our team can increase your customer service while decreasing transportation costs. How unlikely does that sound It’s a challenging equation, but we know how to work the math. You need your product delivered on time and you want the best fill rates around. Well partner with you to ensure you are a shipper of a choice.

BluJay Solutions Inc.
1 Executive Drive
Chelmsford, MA 01824, USA
Support: +1.866.649.1900
Tel: +1.978.482.2500
Fax: +1.978.482.2501

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