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About This Software

Banyan Technology is North America’s premier provider of live API connections and transportation management software. We’re an equal opportunity employer made up of people with a passion for technology and a bias toward action. If you’re interested in putting your education and experience to work for one of the fastest growing, most innovative technology companies in the transportation and logistics industry, then we invite you to explore our open positions and submit your resume.

Drive Prices Your Way

By combining dynamic pricing opportunities with fact-based decision-making tools, shippers and carriers alike have an incentive to become preferred partners in an ever-changing environment that increasingly relies on technology and transparency. While the system is technology-based, the process incorporates direct communication between shippers or 3PLs and the carrier’s representative. The Intelligent Freight Pricing tool provides monthly feedback and allows for honest, two-way communication. Digitizing everything from shipment attributes and accessorial requirements to delivery times empowers all parties to make fact-based, thoughtful decisions that subsequently improve operational efficiencies in ways that make them quicker, smarter and leaner.

Enhances Functionality

Banyan’s Intelligent Freight Pricing Suite enhances the functionality of Banyan’s premier data hub, LIVE Connect™, enabling carriers to offer true dynamic pricing and client- and contract-specific pricing incentives through an API-powered dispatch system.

Custom Segment Targeting

Using our Intelligent Freight Pricing Suite, you can build your own dashboard utilizing predetermined or custom rules to define a targeted segment of your market based on geography, shipment attributes, clients and customer behaviors. You can then choose the amount of the incentives and the timing duration.

Agile Pricing

Our unique Capacity Optimizer™ allows for pricing agility, enabling you to attract more desired shipments and to control freight flows and increase profitability – all while maintaining contract obligations.

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