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About B-Accuracy

One Touch Digital Automation

Business Management Software Solution with 7 in 1 ERP System, specially designed for new Entrepreneurs and Innovative startups with product costing.

B-Accuracy is designed for organizations that deal with logistics, freight management, and freight brokering for both domestic and international shipments. By automating the various functions of the business such as outbound, container management, billing, accounting, vendor management and storage into one complete platform for a streamline processes and information across the entire organizations. B-Accuracy job costing solutions helps you to give an accurate, day to day picture of your job costs, especially when you are tackling with as many projects at one time.

Financial Accounting

The reports and statements generated by financial accounting describe the overall health of the company to external sectors. B-Accuracy helps to generate standardized reports with standardized guidelines that are required for all business to be followed. Allowing you to connect with your business processes and generate several reports, schedule reports, tracking time and manage your projects

Service Provider

B-Accuracy helps you to avoid managing separate tools for each client while considering services. Automated invoicing and reporting are the key functions. Helping you to track and control operations on several clients from a single console. You can manage multiple clients including generating invoices for different clients from one interface. Also manage billing services without shifting between tools or use manual methods.

Main Features

  • Financial Accounting
  • Payroll System
  • Export & Import
  • Wholesale & Retail Sale
  • Inventory MIS
  • Services
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Tax Reports

Our Products

  • GOLD – With Financial Accounting Feature.
  • GOLD PLUS – With Financial Accounting Feature.
  • PREMIUM – With Financial Accounting, Payroll System, Services, Wholesale & Retails, Inventory MIS Features.
  • PREMIUM PLUS – With Financial Accounting, Payroll System, Services, Wholesale & Retails, Inventory MIS, Shipping & Logistics and Export & Import Features.