Avaal is an advanced and comprehensive transport management software specially designed for a wide array of logistic companies. AFM Suite includes separate modules for invoicing, navigation and documentation helping you to increase your productivity and save time. Get all your invoices, taxes, compliance, maintenance reports all bundled in single trucking software.
AFM helps you to take control of your expenses with a more comprehensive and intricate analysis of your business operations. Create Invoices/Receipts, Financial Reports & Balance sheet effortlessly. It helps businesses to streamline their planning, reporting and analysis processes to help improve strategic planning and reduce corporate budgets more accurately. Get a detailed report of your company’s performance metrics along with accurate factual calculations.

With an easy to use interface, get an organized view of the expenses, income, and profits with real-time reports and dashboards. Our shipment tracking software or app feature navigates your assignments with ease and elevate your profit margins by reducing expenses and eliminating wastages. Never lose track of your drivers again. Increase customer satisfaction by delivering goods on time with our premium transport routing software.

Forget about reminders and documentation. AFM Suite not only schedules your assignment at the tap of a button but also optimizes a seamless flow of operations. The interactive dashboard is suitable for Carriers, freight brokers, and freight forwarders. Our freight forwarding management software makes your logistics process smooth with the dispatching, Accounting, safety and compliance core modules embedded in it.