ASolute – Over the years, logistics industry has evolved so much from a mere transport provider or mode to move goods from one location to another, to a much more complicated and advanced needs that totally revolutionized the entire supply value chain.
With the advancement of technology and megatrends such as Industrial Revolution 4.0, Supply Chain 4.0 and Logistics 4.0, the manners in which businesses reacted to these changes have totally transformed the landscape of logistics industry.
With such understanding and as part of our Core Value, we continuously learn and study the trends, constantly innovate and focus on simplifying the entire landscape to ensure our clients can focus on what matters to them, which is their core business and to help them to be ahead of the competition in the logistics industry.

Advisory & Consultancy Services

We can assist our clients to identify, assess, evaluate and review their current business & operations for optimization and transformation. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to achieve desired results through realistic approach and practical solutions.

Integrated Logistics Management Solution

We offer a full suite of Integrated Logistics Management Solution that will not only automate our client’s processes for better productivity and efficiency, but also provide them with brilliant insights into their operations for informed decision makings. Our solutions can be deployed in multiple models to suit our clients’ needs and requirements, as we say, “Discover different solution, that you deserve”.

Turnkey Development Program

For those requiring specific set of needs or bespoke solutions, we offer turnkey development program that will enable our clients to quickly reap the benefits from the get-go of the program. We provide a team of experts that will work together with our clients to guide them through their transformation journey.
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