About ASCI

ASCI of Miami, Inc. was founded as Associated System Consultants, Inc. in 1981. Through business dealings with the import & export industries, our IT professionals developed a complete software package for customs brokers, importers, freight forwarders and other parties involved in the trade. With this specialization, Associated System Consultants became ASCI of Miami, the software company dedicated to meet the needs of the International Trade industry nationwide.

Our Export Procedures system was designed for Freight Forwarders and Exporters to handle the processing of all Customs forms and to meet the changing regulations of export compliance. Our Quick Entry program allows you to enter all the required information for export shipments. This one program processes Bills of Lading, Air Waybills, EEIs, and Billing, as well as setting up a Log Book file that allows you to print reports and perform traces from various fields.
Our Export Procedures programs also allow you to maintain agent information and create quotes for potential shipments. The information you provide to your customer in the quotes is then retrieved when the actual shipment is booked.
Our Warehouse Receipt program allows you to enter Bonded or Non-Bonded Receipts so you can easily keep track of inventory line items. With our time-saving features and easy data entry, warehouse receipts are entered quickly and effectively. ASCI is pleased to partner with Symbol Technologies, allowing you to use the Symbol MC300 Scanner to upload inventory information wirelessly to your Warehouse system.

Software Solutions

ASCI of Miami has developed our software applications with the specific needs of the International Trade Industry in mind. We offer customized solutions for importers, brokers, freight forwarders, NVOCCs, carriers, and more.


ASCI of Miami is more than just a software company. Part of our commitment to our customers is our dedication to ensuring that all their computer needs are meet. For that reason, we have developed our Hardware Department and our Internet Division. Simply click on the images below for more information.