About This Software

InMotion Global, Inc. was founded in 2002 with the idea of developing a Transportation Management System (TMS) that could be used from a web browser – avoiding the typical complex installations, configurations and setups. Back then, this was truly revolutionary thinking. So, fast forward to today and what you will notice is that there are dozens of TMS providers out there – yet they are all still struggling with how to deliver a true web-based system. Here at InMotion Global, we are far from struggling with it. In fact, we perfected it.We have no hidden agenda like some of the other TMS providers out there. We are simply a leading software company specializing in Transportation Management Systems and Logistics Software, and we employ intelligent people who have extensive knowledge on how the transportation industry works. We are not affiliated or owned by any other company in the transportation industry – so there is no conflict of interest when you use AscendTMS. Our mission is simple, to provide you with the best TMS at the most affordable price.


AscendTMS is the world’s most popular TMS because we are just better than everything else. Our number 1 overall ranking on all the major review websites gives you the confidence to know that your TMS software has all the features you need to perform like a rock star.


Begin using AscendTMS 12 seconds from now and start booking loads in 60 seconds. There’s no need to schedule a demo. AscendTMS is the easiest to use TMS software on the planet. And, if you need it, unlimited training is totally free, forever. Your team will simply love the experience.


Pricing plans start at zero dollars, so your risk is literally NOTHING! And, you don’t need a math degree to understand it (there’s only one price). AscendTMS is THE best value TMS software on the market – hands down. No setup fees. No license fees. No support fees. No training fees.

For more visit: www.inmotionglobal.com

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