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ARTEMUS Transportation Solutions provides web-based Software Solutions for Trade complete shipment management, trade compliance and electronic trade partner communication for organizations that work within the international transportation and trade business. Complementing our software products, ATS provides online and classroom training, support services and knowledge covering the areas of Shipping Basics, Hazardous Materials Handling, and Import and Export Documentation and Trade.


Web Based Trade Compliance Software Applications The ARTEMUS TS Trade Compliance products are developed, maintained and supported by maritime industry and maritime experienced – IT professionals. With ARTEMUS, our clients get reliable, easy to use web-based software products along with the knowledge and experience of staff who have worked in the maritime industry for a combined 75 years. Our products come with this service and no other software provider is able to give their clients the combination of both. Our products are located in a “cloud” environment, which is available to our clients 24/7, through all browsers and electronic devices. All products are completely compatible with all third-party transportation providers and portals. Our support staff are available 24/7 to maintain, improve and create customized our products to meet your organization’s customers and service needs. Our products have an availability and uptime of over 99.999% each and every month. Our web-based Transportation Systems and Services

Consulting Services – International Trade and Transportation

ARTEMUS TS has the experience and the staff to assist in getting your organization started in the area of international transportation. In addition, ARTEMUS TS staff can help with improving your International Trade business and work processes to maximize efficiency, minimize costs and improve your contribution per shipment.

Data Entry

For many transportation companies, much of the cost of doing business is people. Since the transportation industry is heavily reliant on information, timely and accurate data entry is a major driver to the success of your business. ARTEMUS TS can provide your business with the ability to support you with experience transportation data entry personnel. Whether it is data entry into our own systems/software or into your own proprietary product, ARTEMUS TS staff are experienced in all aspects of thetransportation industry and can support your business with data entry services that cover all documentation and electronic message reporting. Our staff can access all systems electronically with simple internet access and can work within all types of electronic media and electronic message transfer between system. Our staff can verify, correct and maintain accurate and timely information on your shipments so you don’t have to.

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