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About This Software

ARL Consulting, a Rotterdam headquartered IT developer leveraging its insight in the shipping & transport industry with its IT delivery capability in the Siberian Silicon Valley, is taking upon themselves medium-size and larger, scalable, IT projects. From its Siberian IT centre, medium-size and large, scalable IT solutions are delivered to clients, supporting vessel, capacity and container fleet management, operational excellence and optimization, documentation and process support, and customer & relationship management.


Since 2007 tools for the shipping & transport industry and container terminals, are provided on licensing terms or as hosted solutions on the arl-shipping.com portal. Solutions offered include container terminal berth, quay crane and yard planning, RTG deployment planning & dispatching, container sales & container interchange process support, export & import forwarders interaction with shippers and shipping lines, including integration to leading shipping line portals, container yard inventory management, maintenance of standard operating procedures (SOP), transport vehicle capacity management & pricing, electronic bookings and multi-modal transportation management.


Areas of expertise include vessel chartering, scheduling & deployment, capacity management, equipment distribution, reefer monitoring, environmental, security and C-TPAT support, customer relationship management, freight quote, booking, documentation and yield management. For terminals and yards, berth, crane, resource planning and inventory management. For forwarders, NVOs and cargo facility operators, interaction with shippers, consignees and shipping lines, standard operating procedures (SOP), and cargo consolidation support. EDI/ ebXML and technical integration experience with leading technologies.

Vessel Fleet Management

vessel chartering, scheduling and deployment, nautical and marine performance.planning, monitoring and measuring

Terminal & Yards Operation

berth, handling gear and yard resource planning, yard space, cargo and resource management, yard crane planning and execution, graphical bayplans

Mobile, Tablet, SmartWatch

native mobile apps tailored for mobile, hand-carried devices, suitable to get the job done onboard, on-quay, in-yard, at-gate, in-depot and on-the-road.

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