About AndSoft

Since 1998, AndSoft provides software and consultancy services for transport and logistics. Our products TMS, WMS and FMS are 100% web based. We offer complete solutions in the management of the supply chain with a TMS for transportation management, a FMS for fleet and workshop management and a WMS for warehouse management.

The AndSoft products are for all types of companies: small businesses, small and medium businesses and big businesses; we also position ourselves as a services company capable of meeting the specific needs of each company. Upstanding and efficient, we offer to our clients a real partnership based and trust and exchange of skills.

Our company from Andorra gets offices in France, Spain and Lithuania. AndSoft is also present throughout Europe, Africa and Middle East with more than 300 clients in 18 countries. Some of our clients are amongst the biggest logistics operators in the Europe.


Our solutions enable the client to be autonomous in management of the evolution of their application. AndSoft wishes to avoid a relationship of dependency on the editor and privileges collaborative working methods offering the possibility to the client’s IT departments to develop and personalise their application autonomously. Please consult the tab Collaborative Software for further information.

Online support

Support standard is 9h-19h (CET) Monday-Friday Extended support 7d/7d – 24h/24h available AndSoft allows several support types: online, telephone, remote desktop, email. You can benefit from a maintenance support natively integrated into your application: each user can make its own corrective requests or assistance directly from their working environment and describe their level of urgency. Be assured of an answer: each application is centralized on an intranet, therefore treated as soon as possible by all developers and consultants connected. Then get a tracing of your requests with a return by mail.


The application is then accessible from a distance like a service through the Internet, hence its name SaaS: Software as a service. This means the clients do not have to take care of the maintenance, exploiting and hosting of the applications. The budget is defined: constant hosting fee on a period of time, no investment in software or hardware Easy access and flexibility: the data in the applications is accessible anywhere all the time via an Internet connection. Speed of implementing and deployment Constant efficiency of your environment in time (no depreciation of equipment or reduced performance)

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