Advanced Distribution Solutions, Inc.

About This Software

Advanced Distribution Solutions, Inc. (ADSI) is an industry-leading provider of shipping software systems, including flexible logistics software solutions for manufacturers, distributors, online retailers, 3PLs and others. ADSIs shipping solutions include scan-based order fulfillment software, multi-carrier shipping software, shipment consolidation software and real-time visibility and tracking softwarefrom order through delivery.

We’ve integrated our shipping software system with a wide range of ERP, order entry, and WMS systems. We’re experts at configuring mobile computers, barcode scanners, printers, scales and more. We provide our clients with comprehensive professional services and technical support programs including 24/7 to support mission critical operations.


      • Order Packing & Fulfillment
      • Shipment Consolidation for Domestic & International Shipments
      • Automated Address Verification
      • Flexible Multi-Carrier Routing, Rating and Shipping Software for the Warehouse
      • UPS Certified Shipping and UPS Tracking Software for Small to Medium Shippers
      • SaaS Shipping Software Solution
      • Desktop Shipping Software for Corporate or Campus Environments
      • International Shipping Software for Carrier Routing, Rating and Export Documentation
      • AESDirect Filing
      • Shipment Tracking Software
      • Web-Based Shipping & Tracking Reports
      • Web-Based Shipment & Carrier Invoice Analysis

For more visit: www.adsionline.com

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