Advanced Distribution Solutions, Inc.

About This Software

Advanced Distribution Solutions, Inc. (ADSI) is an industry-leading provider of shipping software systems, including flexible logistics software solutions for manufacturers, distributors, online retailers, 3PLs and others. ADSI?s shipping solutions include scan-based?order fulfillment software, multi-carrier?shipping software, shipment?consolidation?software?and real-time visibility andtracking?softwarefrom order through delivery.

We?ve integrated?our shipping software system with a wide range of ERP, order entry, and WMS systems. We?re experts at configuring?mobile computers, barcode scanners, printers, scales?and more. We?provide our clients?with comprehensive professional services and technical support programs including?24/7 to support?mission critical?operations.


      • Order Packing & Fulfillment
      • Shipment Consolidation for Domestic & International Shipments
      • Automated Address Verification
      • Flexible Multi-Carrier Routing, Rating and Shipping Software for the Warehouse
      • UPS Certified Shipping and UPS Tracking Software for Small to Medium Shippers
      • SaaS Shipping Software Solution
      • Desktop Shipping Software for Corporate or Campus Environments
      • International Shipping Software for Carrier Routing, Rating and Export Documentation
      • AESDirect Filing
      • Shipment Tracking Software
      • Web-Based Shipping & Tracking Reports
      • Web-Based Shipment & Carrier Invoice Analysis

For more visit: www.adsionline.com