A3 Freight Payment

About this Software

A3 Freight Payment was started by a group of industry veterans who have a passion for freight payment.

Having worked for half a dozen freight payment companies, the team collaborated to combine their collective experience and develop a truly unique freight payment solution by drawing on best practices observed from their many years of experience.

Armed with this industry knowledge A3 Freight Payment created a system that brings shippers the highest degree of transparency, customization, and processing control found anywhere in the freight payment industry. During the creation of the business, several core beliefs became evident and serve as the foundation for our business strategy:

  • Processes will be 100% transparent
  • Proactive, collaborative management will provide exceptional customer service for both shippers and customers
  • Solutions will be customized for each client and incorporate best practices when possible
  • Automated systems will be utilized to provide reliable and consistent processing
  • Information systems will be intuitive, easy to use, and require little to no training

Why do large volume shippers choose A3 Freight Payment as their comprehensive solution provider

Business Strategy – One of a select few, not one in a million

A3 Freight Payment partners with large volume shippers who are seeking a high degree of customization, exceptional customer service, reliable processing, and minimum resource involvement in managing their solution. This strategy promotes a flat org structure, controlled growth, equal prioritization of customers, and scalability of operations.

Approach to Processing – A different approach, a better result

The A3 Freight Payment solution is the culmination of best practices gathered from around the industry. Our unique processing model provides a managed solution that eliminates the pitfalls associated with traditional freight payment solutions and provides 100% transparency to our staff, clients, and their logistics providers.

Customized Solution – One solution does not fit all

Every company has internal systems and processing constraints that are unique to their business. A3 Freight Payment partners with clients to understand these unique needs to develop a custom solution that incorporates best practices while working within their constraints.

Dedicated Resources – A truly managed outsource solution

Each A3 Freight Payment client has a dedicated, experienced team of resources lead by an Account Manager who is the single point of contact for our customers. They are organizationally empowered to tap into company resources to meet the needs of the client and are solely accountable for management of all processes. This “team concept” provides customers with exceptional customer service and produces a truly managed solution.

Experience – Our knowledge ensures a smooth transition

The A3 Freight Payment team has a track record of designing, implementing, and managing global freight payment solutions for some of the largest shippers in the world. This experience is crucial to the successful development and deployment of a solution while ensuring a smooth transition for our clients.

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