A1 Tracker

About A1 Tracker

Risk management software by A1 Tracker is an integrative solution for companies looking to better manage risk for at various levels of their business. Managers from different locations around the world can track risks, incidents, audits, contracts, and assets through a web-based system offering real time reports, workflow, and analytics. Real-time risk management software notifications warn company officials of escalated risks by region, department, and business unit.

A1 Tracker offers highly customizable dashboards, metrics reporting, user portals, system integrations, & training. Fully-integrated or stand alone modules with threat assessments, risk audits, contract workflow, claims management, incident tracking, asset management, safety compliance & HSE, litigation, project management, insurance policies, certificates of insurance, bonds, & more.

Contract management software by A1 Tracker is flexible enough to adapt to track many different types of contracts for an organization. Having a standard contract workflow process with a web-based contract management system is key to maintain smooth operations with contract renewals and follow ups.

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