About 3PL Systems

BrokerWare™ by 3PL Systems has the functionality of more expensive and established programs at a fraction of the price. Not only can we support new and growing brokers, larger and more established companies will find our software useful as well. 3PL Systems prides itself on its responsiveness to customer’s needs, constant system upgrades, and delivering a service that makes its customer’s business more efficient and profitable.

BrokerWare™ is designed to simplify the freight broker’s duties by creating a positive user experience for both the broker and their customers. Managing LTL, TL, Intermodal, and other types of shipments with BrokerWare™ is easy and intuitive. Brokers find it simple to generate quotes, book shipments, dispatch shipments, invoice, document correspondence and create customizable reports. With the latest technology stack, over 50 LTL carrier integrations, and partnerships with the largest software providers in our industry and others, the platform is extremely well connected.

From organizing and ensuring a smooth transaction to transporting goods and products, BrokerWare makes managing relationships easy. With the addition of our software, freight operations will be able to run more effectively—creating an effortless experience for both brokers and their clients.

Our Transportation Management Software is built to streamline your business and make you more efficient. Our partners, carrier integrations, and easy to use interface make it simple for you and your team to bring your business into a single portal.

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