About 3Gtms

3Gtms was founded to provide you with a wholly different technology: a flexible, self-configurable TMS that adapts to the modern and future needs of shippers, brokers and 3PLs.

Mitch Weseley, a 30-year veteran of developing leading-edge TMS systems and called the father of the TMS industry, launched 3Gtms in 2013 along with a core team of industry experts. At the time and still today most TMS software was created in the late 1990s and early 2000s. These obsolete systems were not able to meet the needs of customers and some estimates put TMS implementation failure rates as high as 40 percent. The TMS systems were not only ignoring the realities of the modern transportation industry, they were unwieldy and overly complicated for anyone but very large shippers.

Since then, we have invested more than $20 million in creating the most flexible multi-modal TMS that addresses our customers needs today and is agile enough to be self-configured for future requirements.

For Managed Transportation 3PLs

In the last 5-10 years, the transportation world has changed dramatically for 3PLs. The lines between 3PLs, carriers and brokers are blurring as customers require a broader scope of services. The new model of managed transportation services is about empowering the shipper with choices and creating true partnerships between a 3PL and the shipper using a combination of planning, execution, TMS technology and managed services.

3Gtms is the only TMS software company to have anticipated this convergence.


Manage complex domestic routing, including multi-stop, multi-leg, and pool points.


On-board new customers, carriers and trading partners yourself without hiring us or a consulting firm to do it.


Profitably manage buy and sell-side activities, including benchmark and gainsharing savings programs.

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